A Brief History of s.s.Peter and Paul, Mautby

The Domesday Book details that there was a small village here at Mautby, in 1199 the tenure had passed to the De Mautby family. The church has been improved over the centuries, but most of the building is 1200-75, a Saxon building being here originally. We too, have improved the church by installing electricity for the first time in 2000, and then water. Currently, as mentioned under facilities, and now we have  a kitchen and toilet area through the North door, this was dedicated in 2015 by Bishop Graham. Our many visitors come from across the world, some connected to the Mautbys and  the famous Margaret Paston nee Mauteby, who during the civil war wrote letters to her husband and son. They are the most detailed account of life at that time, and are housed in the archives in the British Museum.These were  discovered by Blomefield who was considered to be the Norfolk Historian, and who  married  one of the Womack family. There are many Womack family memorials set in the church floor, and now there is a new booklet detailing their history, and also includes details of past incumbents and the Fellowes family connection. Unfortunately,due to disrepair the aisle where Margaret was buried was demolished , but her memory lives on..

Notably the font is of the Decorated period 1300-75 , the Chancel arch 1400-1575. The windows on the North side of the nave are the oldest in Norfolk and date from 14 C. The rood screen has a squint or hagioscope, used by the priest to see the congregation. The Chancel has three sedilla, for the priest, deacon and sub deacon to sit on, and a double piscina which were used  for the washing of the mass vessels. The Knight Templar near the lectern is a De Mautbey who has his feet resting on a dog, which means that he died back at home and not in the holy wars, defaced we believe during either the Reformation or Cromwells time.

In 2016 the  electric organ was  kindly donated  by Mrs Angela  Tebbutt and her late husband Keith..

We also have a sound system. ALL OF THESE ITEMS are marked to prevent anyone stealing them . The Community Police regularly visit the church, with whom we have an excellent working relationship.In the summer of 2013 the church and Margaret Paston were featured in the BBC4 programme Medieval Lives, Births,Marriage and Death.

There is more information in our short guides.., there is also a Physic Garden.............so do please come and visit us, we are open daily.